Opening files on two LB instances

Hi all - New to laser engraving and Lightburn. I will be installing Lightburn on two pc’s. I am wondering if there are any issues moving project files from one to the other to work on as well as to burn. I run Carveco for my CNC and sometimes the files don’t carve right when I do this.

Thank you

If you use the same machine profile on both computers, it works fine. I run / switch with 2 laser machine / profiles and a Mac OS and a Linux Mint computer.

Awesome. Can I connect the machine to my laptop launch LB for the first time on that machine. Once it locates the Ortur as the device and finishes that part of setup copy the profile file and paste it into the other PC which will not be connecting to the Ortur?

Sorry I know that’s a lot.

… that’s exactly what I do :wink:
I usually sit in the living room in the evening and do my projects and listen to my wife (once in a while) and during the day I use the files I have made on my Mac, in my workshop on the Linux computer that controls my laser machine.

Currently I design on workstation in the house and save code to a drive. When it’s time to run it I download to the laptop connected to the machine in the garage and run it. Sounds like we have a similar process.

So can I grab the profile file from the laptop and throw it on the workstation install?

Funny on the wifey comment. I remember those days lol

Just export prefs and import prefs (found under the file menu)

Sweet! Thanks I appreciate it!

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