OPT laser import/customs paperwork?

Has anybody here had an OPT laser head held at customs waiting on completion of FDA Form 2877?

If so, where do you find the information to complete the form?

I’m thinking it should be ticked as “A5”, but not sure. Anything else helpful would be more than welcome. Over $2k worth of laser being held in customs.

Asking for a friend. Apparently OPT said the relevant info is on the laser, which he obviously can’t access.

Seeing as the maximum penalty is $10k or 5 years in prison, I don’t think asking strangers on the internet for advice is the best call here.

I don’t disagree, but the voice of experience is worth a heck of a lot more than crickets from a fed office or the seller.

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I ordered three lens tubes. Nothing except an empty tube.

Got a phone call from customs, who held it because it was laser related.

I told them open it up… there nothing but an empty tube… they finally shipped it. I know you can’t have them open it…

I assume you are importing it yourself? I’ve only seen issues where someone orders it from China and handles all the issues themselves.

I think all lasers above class 1 require some kind of fda clearance.

I’d speak to someone who imports these…

Most of us have the vendor deal with this.

Good luck


Wasn’t me, personally. He ordered himself directly from OPT, Poland.

After a little badgering, OPT sent him the necessary info. Customs now has a completed form.

It was, indeed, marked as 5A with the relevant Accession no. and such.

So…mark solved.

That’s great you got the vendor to handle it… I think it was on their shoulders anyway…

Have fun with your new toy :crazy_face: