Opt lasers plh3d-6w-xf speeds and power

Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to post and materials library or even just notes they have jotted down with speeds and power for any materials they work with.

There is very little info that I can find and I don’t even have a base line to start with. I am using an X-Carve but not sure the actual machine matters short of vibrations. Case in point do I attempt my first job at 200 mm/m or 2000 mm/m. Power settings are maybe easier to play with and figure out but higher speeds shake my table. Does/would this affect the laser? Do I spend hours or days trying to beef up my table (which works find for carving) just to find out that no matter what, I will never be able to go above say 500mm/m even if it’s welded to a sherman tank? Ok, I am being funny but without knowing what I should be able to do I can’t attempt to get there.


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Air-assist will improve cut efficiency. 500mm/min is a good speed to work with.
I have Opt Lasers plh3d-6w-xf.
Please join Opt Lasers facebook group. There is plenty of help plus a google sheet with some references to what you are asking for.

As a reference i am cutting plywood @ 500mm/min speed 100% power 3.2mm birch plywood in 6 passes using air-assist (around 0.5bar pressure).
Using XF High resolution lens (the black lens)

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They also have test results on their site, it’s worth a sneak peek, it looks cool :))
Have you done anything since February?