Optimal cut depths

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I have run a ramp calibration test of my Co2 laser. I have now got my focal point. I am hearing that when cutting material, such as 3-6 mm ply or MDF that if you drop the focal point into the wood then you get a better cut. Does anyone have any experience with this? how much do you drop it to allow deeper penetration? has anyone done any testing and does it change depending on material types?

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3 - 6mm is not thick enough (3mm especially) to be concerned with focal convergence. I primarily keep a 101mm FL lens in my machine. I can cut 3/4" (19mm) material focused at Top of Material (ToM) without any angle on the kerf.

Running focus “into” the middle of the material will affect the quality of engraving on mixed jobs (more than running a longer focal length).

More info here:

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