Optimization help?

Some settings don’t seem to work. Like remove double lines. This is a really good feature and lets me not have to install AutoCAD just for “OVERKILL” command.
Also, It does not seem to cut in any direction order, but will seem to sometimes cut out inside shapes first.

Am I missing something?

This might give you a better understanding of how and when to use the options of the Cut Planner optimizations.

After reviewing, please post an example of the issue you are having. Show what you have, what you want and what you are currently getting. From there, we can offer some suggestions.

Currently, the ‘Remove overlapping lines’ requires the shapes to be very close to exact to work. Enhancements to this are continuously being worked on but the shape matching tolorences at present are tight so you may have to remove these shapes manually at this point.


Any time in particular? Do you have a file you can show where this happens? Any time I’ve ever seen this it’s been because what looked like a closed shape was just a collection of disconnected lines that happened to touch each other, but were still different objects.

Remove overlapping lines does work, but the overlaps have to be pretty exact. The next release improves this by removing any line that is completely covered by another, even if they’re totally different sizes.

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