Optimization Setting Button in Preview possible?

Hi, I am using Lightburn as my prefered laser comunication software. I have many different projects to do so I have to switch very often the optimization settings. After a change I have a look in the preview, how many time this would save and if I want to change an other setting I have to close the preview and open the optimization settings again.
I would like to have the optimization setting button in the preview window to save me time.
Is this possible to implement? That would be great!

Greetings, Dan

Welcome! We do offer a way for you to make formal suggestions and feature requests.

Oh , I am blind. Didn’t see that. Thanks!

All good, posting there helps us track and prioritize based on user feedback. We also use that site to send notifications when the status of an item has changed to help folks stay informed of our developments.

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Using Alt-P to bring up the preview, then Enter or Esc to dismiss it means you can get in and out very quickly, rather than hunting for the buttons. I do this a fair bit myself and it’s never been that much of a bother.

It’s possible to do it, but it would require a decent amount of re-arranging the code.

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