Optimization Settings Help

I’m having a little issue getting the engraving to come out as I am expecting.
I have 3 lines of text with a image in the middle, and I am grouping all 4 of these objects into one group. I am making multiple copies of this grouped shape on multiple pieces of wood, so I am duplicating the group and moving it into the proper position. Under optimization settings, I am Order by Group, then Order by Priority, then Order by Layer.
My expectation is that the entire group will get processed, then the next group, and so on. What I am seeing though is that this works for the images, but the text is being processed a little weird. One group get;s the lines done, then both groups get the fill, then the second group gets it lines done. This is very odd to me and definitely not expected.

In the Fill layer settings, change it from ‘Fill all shapes at once’ to ‘Fill groups together’. The fill layer processing happens before the ordering, so the setting there cluster everything before the optimizer can re-order it.

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