Optimization Settings not working

I have upgraded to 0.9.19 and having issues with Optimization Settings in 0.9.17 Group Optimization was working but I just loaded an old file and it is not.

You can see in the following pic that I have parts grouped.
LightBurn Group

And here I have Optimization Settings set to Order By Group only.
LightBurn Opt

Here is my preview

It is not doing the group as it looks like it is doing Order by Layer???

This is causing a shift on my laser that i have not resolved yet. But i know when I group them the shift in my cuts does not happen.

It looks like you have at least one of those fill layers set to run vertically (scan angle at 90 degrees) and you have it set to “Fill all shapes at once” instead of “Fill groups together”.

That was it. Thanks. I don’t know how it got changed.

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