Orator Master 7 watt STOPS

Well Im back at the same old problem of the Ortur stopping about 1 - 2 min into the engraving. Posted this ounce before, but never got a fix. Pretty sure its not Ortur problem, but software problem. For this reasoning, I bring my newer iMac out to the shop and run the same project with all the same settings NO PROBLEM. Sure would like to find a fix so I don’t have to bring the new computer in the shop. My older iMac is running with OS El Capitan OS. Lightburn emailed me the software for this older OS and everything works, but engraving photos. I just bought a new NXT Gold-Plated Cable, but that didn’t fix the problem.

If it runs properly on the newer Mac, but not on the older Mac, both running identical software, why do you think it’s a software problem?

Because the software on the older (El Capitan) was emailed to me for this older os. The new Mac has a newer release. Not complaining about LB software just like to figure out if this problem can be fixed by the developer. Other than that, I love LB.

The 0.9.15 release moves everything back to the previous version of the framework. You can give that a go, but there aren’t any significant differences in how serial communication is handled between the two.

I would also suggest rebooting the Mac (full power cycle) and seeing if that helps. There are some known issues with MacOS overriding virtual serial port drivers with their own internal driver and causing problems.

When will 0.9.15 be released?

Hallo @Bach,

just my 5-cents here … because I was also facing an issue that makes my machine stop in between … do you see ‘fancy chars’ in the console?
If yes, the cooling is maybe not sufficient see here.

3 days ago: LightBurn 0.9.15 released

Got it thanks however, on my iMac with El Capitan, it didn’t resolve the laser engraving stopping at will during burning a photo.

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