Order of layers

Hi all. I have an image and a vector. I need the vector to “sit on top” of the image so that I can line them up and cut out a part of the image. I’ve tried importing in a different order, but the vector is always under the image. How can I rearrange the layers so that I can choose which one is visibly on top of the other?


Edit - I think I did it once accidently, but can’t seem to figure it out. LOL

Select the vector and then go to Arrange > Push to front
You can also use “Push to back” to do the opposite.

Doesn’t work. I tried it - multiple times.

Ok, can you show a screenshot of what you are seeing or attach a lbrn project file so we can debug? Those arrange options are how you do what you want, so not sure why it’s not working for you without seeing more.

I just changed the layer colour and it flipped around. Maybe it’s not refreshing the screen or something. I’ll play a little more.

You’re likely running in ‘Filled Rendering’ mode. The on-screen drawing order of that mode is currently fixed.

This re-ordering of layers is not consistent. You can reload same project which will load all layers as saved but then out of the blue it wont. I am happy to hear Oz fixed that for next release.

Yes I am. :slight_smile: Cool. I’ve just started playing with the photos in lightburns, so want to import the photo “raw” and import the SVG cut file. I am thinking of layering them, and doing all the photo work in lightburn.

I did a work around last night, but cutting the shape out in photoshop and importing it - then resize to fit the svg. Bit long winded, but it worked.

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