Ordinal Number 4540 not found error with Lightburn 1.0.04

Suddenly Lightburn crashes when seraching for updates with the following errror:


“ordinal number 4540 not found in ssleay32.dll”

I’m using lightburn DSP 64bit on Windows 10 pro.
There seems to be a problem with the installer i think.
Going Back to version 9.xx fixes the issue.

Can you pleas have a look at that?


LightBurn does not directly use that DLL - the license system does, and it’s likely that Qt (the cross-platform development environment we use) does, but have no conflicts on our systems with that library.

It’s possible that there is something else installed and running on your system using a different version of ssleay32.dll, so it’s in memory and resident when LightBurn tries to use the one we include. The libs we include with LightBurn have not been altered for well over a year (16 months ago, in fact).

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Hey Rick,
thanks for your relpy.
It seems everything sunddely turned back to normal.
Only thing changed is the rechent Windows Update yesterday.
Now also the most recent Version worls correctly (Update check doesn’t crash anymore)

Some things do not have to be understood… :man_shrugging:

Anyway, thanks for your effort and keep that amazing work going. :smiley:

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