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Hi, I’m trying to create an origami project. I need to cut the paper to size (e.g. create a couple of 7x5cm cutouts from an A4 paper), and I need to gently laser the crease lines, so folding is easier. Can I use LightBurn to do this and assign different power levels to different lines (cut lines and crease lines)? As an additional challenge, some crease lines will have to be lasered on the back of each paper. I have created the design in Indesign, I guess I can import it to Lightburn?

The laser I’ll be using is a cheap cnc/laser router called Alfawise C10 Pro (apparently a common 3018 cnc model) with a 5,5w laser (all chinese - had to start somewhere cheap) with gbrl control.

Now, this is the plan, but I haven’t assembled the machine yet, but need to figure out which software to best use. Thanks for your help!

What file formats can Indesign save as?

PDF amongst a lot of other, for example. EPS, JPG, PNG etc too

Yes, you can do all you are asking. For different line settings, you will need to define which lines need to have different settings and move those lines to their own layer, allowing you to define the settings for those lines that you want to be cut differently.

As for cutting on the backside, you can also do this but you will need to use some sort of registration, to ensure your cuts are where you desire them to be. Take a look at the Print and Cut feature covered here in the documentation: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/PrintAndCut.md#print-and-cut-with-lightburn

For gently lasering the crease lines, have a look at Perforation - it’s a setting on the Line mode that allows you to specify a ‘cut’ length and a ‘skip’ length, and LightBurn uses the two to make dashed cutting lines. It was meant for doing paper folds, and is easier to use than trying to get a partial cut through paper by varying power.

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