Origin confusion and jogging X axes opposite direction

I did watch the video about origins several times.

I have set my Origin to the upper right corner despite the info in the video.

Running a test file the result is as expected

I am getting the expected results. Placement in the workspace is correct, nothing is mirrored.

Btw I used “LO” etc. for “Links Oben” (German) to make sure things are really placed where they are supposed to be. Unless I am making a mental mistake things should be okay.

Current position as job origin works as well as expected.


When jogging out of lightburn the X axes runs into the opposite direction while Y is correct. Is there a setting I am missing or is my machine origin still not correct?

I think the machine origin is actually correct, but the commands LightBurn sends might be flipped for TopWisdom. I’ll have a look at this.