Origin, home, or what

If I push the y-axis or x-axis on my laser control panel they both move the direction they should. If I push the x and y in LB they move the opposite direction as they should. Another issue is I drew a rectangle with a circle in the lower right corner. When I cut it, the circle ends up in the top left corner.

I had this same issue a while back and fixed it. I just can’t remember what I did. Old age I guess.

Thanks in advance guys

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Edit/Device Settings, you have your machine origin set incorrectly. Machine origin is the corner that your machine seeks to on power up.

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Thanks Steve! That fixed it, I had to used H and V to shift my artwork the correct way. My limit switches are in the right rear corner and that is where I set the origin.

Do you know anything about the limit switches? If I toggle the switches an led comes on my Ruida board, but the limit switch does not stop the gantry travel. Do you think that maybe a toggle switch in LB?

That’s a setting in the Ruida itself. You can enable hard limits in Edit > Machine Settings, in the vendor settings at the bottom.

OZ, thanks for the response. I looked in my machine settings and didn’t really see a place to enable hard limits. Under vendor x and y settings there was a spot to enable limit trigger which I had already enabled. There was also a limiter polarity and direction polarity which I just enabled. Still did not work.

Enable Limit Trigger is the one I was thinking of as well. I’ll have to check to see that it works the way I think it does.

Wait… can we change it in LB and we can nudge the hard limit? I know the hardware can move just a smidge further in my machine (I think about 1/2" and it would be super to get the full 24" height instead of it yelling and not cutting at that edge.

The page size in LightBurn doesn’t affect the machine itself, just what LightBurn considers to be “in bounds”. Any change to an axis length in either LightBurn or the controller should also be changed in the other place, so they agree.

You can change the X or Y travel length limits if you want to, but do so carefully - the machine maker sets these, and may have chosen a slightly conservative limit to give the machine time to stop before hitting something solid if you ever do exceed them.

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When we do the camera install and the next cleaning / overhaul on it, I’ll give it a try. More on the Y axis than anything, I know playing with X acceleration and limits can make things try and violate the laws of physics with the space they occupy.

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