Origin, home, or what

If I push the y-axis or x-axis on my laser control panel they both move the direction they should. If I push the x and y in LB they move the opposite direction as they should. Another issue is I drew a rectangle with a circle in the lower right corner. When I cut it, the circle ends up in the top left corner.

I had this same issue a while back and fixed it. I just can’t remember what I did. Old age I guess.

Thanks in advance guys

Edit/Device Settings, you have your machine origin set incorrectly. Machine origin is the corner that your machine seeks to on power up.

Thanks Steve! That fixed it, I had to used H and V to shift my artwork the correct way. My limit switches are in the right rear corner and that is where I set the origin.

Do you know anything about the limit switches? If I toggle the switches an led comes on my Ruida board, but the limit switch does not stop the gantry travel. Do you think that maybe a toggle switch in LB?

That’s a setting in the Ruida itself. You can enable hard limits in Edit > Machine Settings, in the vendor settings at the bottom.

OZ, thanks for the response. I looked in my machine settings and didn’t really see a place to enable hard limits. Under vendor x and y settings there was a spot to enable limit trigger which I had already enabled. There was also a limiter polarity and direction polarity which I just enabled. Still did not work.