Origin is not accurate, setting, reseting, Lightburn not proceeding from origin

I am having lots of origin problems. I can’t set/reset it and even when I manage to get the laser origin point lined up with the lower left corner, the tool that allows you to test the location of the laser anywhere on the workspace sends the stepper motors into the wrong directions and crashes everything into the limits. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Below are two quick videos I made that better explain it instead of trying to describe it here. If someone could have a look and let me know what is happening, I’d be really grateful. I really want to use and buy this software but I need to get it to work. Thanks

When you click get position in the first video the x-y values right next to that button show x at 13 and y at -89. what if you use the go to and go to 0,0 then click set origin? does this then set it to the bottom left corner? also in LB where do you have your origin set as?(the 9 dot array where you select the origin as having the wrong one selected can cause the machine to run mirrored or upside down graphically. I would try changing that also and see if it does anything.

Two things to read - the first is so you understand how LightBurn wants to work (or how it’s supposed to work) and to understand the different origin modes: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CoordinatesOrigin.md#coordinates-and-job-origin

The second is the most common things to change for a GRBL based CNC machine to make it work the way LightBurn wants to work: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CommonGrblSetups.md

Read through both of those, and if you still aren’t sure where to go from here, at least we’ll hopefully have some common ground to start from with terminology.

A lot of CNC system workflows have you set the workspace origin of the machine to wherever you’re going to start your cut. Doing this means that the system can’t get an absolute coordinate location from the controller any more, so LightBurn doesn’t work this way. When you set a User Origin in LightBurn, it just stores the location internally, and inserts a jog move to that spot at the beginning of each job.

For the moment, LightBurn needs ‘positive workspace’, IE all coordinates in your workspace area have to be positive numbers. This is normal for dedicated laser systems, but less normal for CNC machines, which is where most of the confusion comes from.

Will try all these suggestions out. Thanks.

Was able to read the articles and found some YouTube videos that helped. Im using “Current Position” and that should be enough at least for now to keep me moving. I need to spend some time with the rest. Thanks for all your help.

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