Origin issues and limit switch issues

I have a TTP Stingray Laser 1300mm x 900mm.
I press Origin on the machine but it seems to make no difference to Lightburn
If I use origin in Lightburn the laser head goes into the far. back right corner hits the limit switches and stops the machine.
I have tried switching the different start from origin types in Lightburn and it made no difference, the job origin is set to the upper right.

When origin is used in Lightburn the head goes so far back into the corner it is actually sitting off the laser bed over the rails.

I am not sure what the problem is as Lightburn is reading the controller Ruida 6445G

When you push reset on the Ruida controller, the corner the machine homes towards is the same corner you should have the device origin set to (Edit > Device Settings).

Pressing the Origin button on the Ruida control panel will define the relative (job) origin at the machine.

This correlates to the Start From mode of ‘User Origin’ in LightBurn - specifically to the ‘Job Origin’, as indicated in the workspace by a green dot.