Origin restart not working after update to Lightburn

I did the new LIghtburn update this morning and now I have to manually move the laser back to origin everycut. Anyone have any ideas?

Review this post. I think it may be covering the same issue:

Check ‘Edit → Machine settings-> Miscellaneous’

Screenshot from 2022-07-15 13-44-52


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Thank You!

No perspiration. Glad it fixed it. You are the second with the same issue that occurred with an install of 1.2 version.

Hoping @LightBurn has an eye open for this, it’s rather odd. Both apparently were not aware of the ‘return position’ setting, so I doubt you changed it. Wonder what’s similar in both of your situations.

Good luck, have fun


I had the same problem. Thanks for posting this as it fixed my issue! :grinning:

@LightBurn explains it in the link that I included. Essentially Origin and Absolute Origin had been previously erroneously swapped in their usage. The fix to that is causing isolated regression cases.

Sorry, didn’t read the details the link…


It was a blink and you miss it type of thing. As per @Lightburn’s typical high-density signal to noise ratio communication style.

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