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Yes, I’ve had the same conundrum. Being able to define the laser start position after LB start up would be a boon. I’ve simply resigned myself to restarting the software when I forget to reset the laser. I’ve used the “Set Origin” button to no avail, but not tried the “set user origin”. I will try this.

Not to highjack the thread, but can LB flash gcode to the control board? Like if I want to change the max speed setting?

The answer is both Yes and No. :wink: There are two things here @Tim1. It may simply be the wording you have chosen, so let me break it into its parts.

LightBurn provides a ‘Console’ that allows one to read and write to the controller firmware settings such as “max rate”. You can enter your desired change in the console followed by the ‘Enter’ key.


If you are asking if LightBurn provides a way to upgrade/update or completely change the firmware “installed” on your controller (not change settings as shown above), no there is not a way to “flash” your controller within LightBurn. If you are looking to replace your currently installed firmware, you will need to “flash” it using an external tool.

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@Tim1 As you may have read, I could not figure out the “Set Origin” either. Here is what I finally did.

I setup two Macros.

Macro 1 - Set Work 0

G10 P0 L20 X0 Y0 Z0

Macro 2 - Return Work 0

G90 G0 X0 Y0
G90 G0 Z0

Using these macros I can set and move my XCarve back to work 0 like it does in UGS or PicSender. I’ve included a screen shot below.


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Thanks Rick. I was wondering about that. I just purchased LB and am still learning. Love the software!

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Thanks Donnie. I’ll have a look at it. Most of the time it isn’t an issue. Of course, that odd time can be annoying.

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“Set Origin” in LightBurn is just for setting the job origin, not the laser origin. LightBurn was designed for machines with limit switches and repeatability, but does work without those.

If you want to tell the machine, “my machine origin is right here” try using this: G92 X0 Y0

The G92 command is used to change the current position of the machine on one or more axis, so setting X0 Y0 is the equivalent of saying “where you are is the origin.”

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