Orion 60W C02 laser Ruida controller

I use Illustrator and get aggravated at the darn thing because I can’t do what I want to with it.
That said: Someone please enlighten me on making templates for multiple item engraving and cutting.
Primarily just point me in the right direction when using Light Burn

What do you mean when using the word Template? We see this used for both setting things in LightBurn, like layer settings as a “template” file, as well as used as another word for a “jig” to hold material in a specific location on the laser bed. What do you mean? :slight_smile:

A template to be used as a guide for placing multiple individual pieces of substrate so they can be machined or as in this application, laser engraved and laser cut.

Is that more descriptive? Lol

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That would more commonly be called a jig, if you’re searching for them online.

I’ve done a few where I just take a rectangle of wood or cardboard large enough to hold the items I want, and set up a job in LightBurn like this:


I just made this up, but it’s a mock of a jig I made for engraving the tops of earring boxes with our logo. The tool layer marks the size of the cardboard jig, and the red cuts are just slightly larger than the earring boxes. If I shove a piece of cardboard into the back-right corner of the machine, then run this job with ‘Absolute Coords’, it cuts holes from the cardboard to slot the boxes into. From then on, if I want to engrave boxes, I just shove that jig into that corner, load the other file that has the sample layout, but with the designs instead of the template / jig, and press start.

The little black circle in the corner is engraved lightly so I know which side is the top, and which corner is the one to butt into the back of the machine.

If Dustin Hoffman was your logo, the design file would look like this:

Same layout as the jig / template, but the cuts are turned off.

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Thank you,
I have a piece of wood 3” x 12” ,
I want three pieces across the 3” width measuring 20mm x 95mm that will be engraved with text. After the three pieces are engraved I want to cut them out of the wood.

This can be done three times. If I engrave the nine pieces all at once I would then cut all nine at the same time. The engraved text could be the same for all or different for each one.

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