Orion Motor tech is not engraving well after some use

Hello, I have an Orion Motor Tech 1000W machine that, for no apparent reason, stops engraving sharply. I have aligned and cleaned the mirrors, cleaned the lens, and I’m using a 5200W chiller. What could be happening?


I assume you mean you have a 100W laser.
Have you made a shot on a test plate on mirror no.1? - How does it look…
A slightly more specific description of the problem will help in troubleshooting.

Don’t really see a sharply stopped image…

Maybe a clarification of exactly what’s happening.

I think @bernd.dk is advising you to check for tube resonance (mode) or TEM state, taken at m1. If it isn’t TEM00 state, your tube has a problem. You want’ a light color in the outer area getting darker towards the center. Not a hole or a black burnt spot.

You can post it here if you wish…

I do it like this… I do this check anytime I do an alignment… I make targets out of watercolor paper.

  1. properly operating tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

If you have these three, they work… Which are you missing…?


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