Ornamental Christmas Marshmallows - They taste terrible!

Hi I’m John - I’m new to this and I’m having a blast.

I have a SainSmart 3018 with the 5500mW diode and after getting it to jog, test-fire and focus i decided that festive holiday marshmallows were the of the utmost importance.

I did have some strange stuff toward the end of my evening as the temperature dropped to -15C (5F). I’m not sure if it was smoke from the Ablating marshmallow or some physical reaction with a frozen Marshmallow but some letters were raised, blistered and distorted (PEACE & JOY - Top) but I’ll burn a few more for garlands and ornaments and call it good. Art done in Line - Speed is 1.5mm/sec - 80% power - Continuous power. Air assist seemed to cool the work piece too much. i think a small cooling fan and a loose air duct might work better than a nozzle and an air compressor.

My garage smells amazing - I hope the mice aren’t attracted to it.

They do however taste terrible - Much like my clumsy fire-pit experiences there is no tasty caramel golden brown… it’s raw-raw-raw-charcoal and the rapid transition seems to be part of the process with the laser. Perhaps a coloured marshmallow would be less reflective and easier to start.

Seasons Ablatings,


One thing I found works really well are Rice Crackers. I engrave seasonal patterns on one side and names of party goers on the other. They tend to get randomized if you ‘bag’ the crackers between sides. It’s great fun at a party and they actually taste pretty good with a slight smokey flavor…

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Thanks Tom, I’ll give Rice Crackers a try!

I haven’t done this on my diode laser yet, but on my K40 (33W measured output) I use 2400mm/min, 23% power.

Vanilla wafers at a surprisingly high power creates a mostly visible line (and fill) and the flavor is quite good, a caramel tinge to the cookie.


Local supply chain issues are causing problems… very little via container ship is being unloaded. several highways washed out in the mountains between here and the coast. I have bandwidth and i can ablate comfort food… :smiley: