Ortur 15 W Laser Master 2 was working but now cant engrave at previous speeds

Greetings. I’ve had the Ortur laser master 2 for 2 weeks now and ive been engraving project fine up until now. I am no longer able to engrave at high speeds…its as if the laser has become weaker. i was able to do simple outlines on wood at 3000 speed and 100% power but now i cant. to perform simple outline of letters i have to drop the speed to 300 or less at 100%…and pictures have to be less than 100 speed.
i am using the lightburn software and i ensured that the $30 setting on the machine and the S value setting in light burn were the same.

i havent been able to find any solutions to this problem so far. Please help.

the only previous problem i had was with the z axis that was due to a wire not being connected properly. this wire still slips out regurlarly and i have to push it back in. Other from that i have had no issue.