Ortur 15W laser wiggly X axis cuts

Distressingly the x axis (which is the thin, cantilevered beam on this machine) cut wiggly lines. The rail/beam itself seems quite straight, the belt turns freely, the wheels are firmly and correctly mounted. The machine is mounted securely to a piece of plywood. The laser seems to track evenly and the wiggles occurs even at very slow travel speeds. Maximum deviation is +/- 1mm. I am familiar with other numerically controlled machines. This doesn’t seem like a hardward issue to me. The Y axis cuts are fine.

" This doesn’t seem like a hardward issue to me."

I can guarantee that LightBurn is not creating wiggly GCode.

The fastest way to prove (or disprove) that is to export the GCode from a simple file that exhibits the issue and run it through a simulator. I usually use https://nraynaud.github.io/webgcode/ but there are a number of others too. If the wiggles aren’t there, it’s mechanical.

yeah, was stupid…don’t know what I was thinking :thinking:

Both the X and Y belts need to be checked for proper tension on the Ortur(and any laser cutter for that matter). The end of the X is where that adj is. For the Y you have to go to the left side of the machine and see the clip near the front end plate. Have to remove the screw & plastic, pull some belt through and then return it. Not too tight though.

Otherwise, check the carriage wheels and of course the 2 screws holding the laser to the X carriage.

There’s an Ortur fb page you can get support at. Not sure about anywhere else.

Yeah, thanks…already checked the obvious physical stuff. I don’t see how belt tension could cause this type of error.

Check the rails and the wheels. As you roll the head along the rail, if the wheels are warped they’ll wobble as they run along the tracks.

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First question is why do you think it is a 15 watt laser. I have not seen any diode lasers with anything close to 15 watts of output power. Has their been a huge leap forward in diode lasers in the last 6 months?

They describe it on their website as 15W…actual diode power is apparently ~4.5W

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Ya, it’s 15W of consumed power by the laser, not laser output… It’s the new 2x4.

I noticed that Home depot now labels 2x4’s with this note
Common: 2 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft., actual: 1.5 in. x 3.5 in. x 96 in.

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Several people have had this problem, including me. You need to replace the rollers on the x-axis. Apparently Ortur got a bad batch. I got mine from Amazon and my x-axis is perfectly straight now.

Thanks. Do you have a link to what you bought?

These are the ones I bought, work perfectly :slightly_smiling_face:

ANYCUBIC D-Type Pulley Accessories, POM V Slot Wheel Plastic Pulley Linear Bearing Compatible Anycubic Chiron, Creality CR-7,CR-8,CR-10,CR10S,Ender 3 (Pack of 5 Pcs)

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