Ortur 2 the "X" axis burns 20% less deeper than "Y" axis,

My new Ortur 2 burns 2% less deeper on the “X” axis than the “Y” axis. Does anyone else have that problem with Ortur or other laser burners? The speed does not seem to change so it’s not the belt being tighter or looser.
Also, I have a 20 watt Ortur that is suppose to cut 3MM plywood in 2 passes at 100%/100mm/min, but it takes 9 passes to make the cut. I think they sent me a 15 watt or even a 7 watt burner.
Lightburn works great? Easy to transfer DXF files from AutoCad.

I recently bought the same and had a similar problem.
Something to do with diode lasers not having a circular beam, it’s oval so tends to burn slightly better one way than the other.
makes it a little more awkward to focus too.

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