Ortur 20W Not working properly since got it

SO i got my Ortur around Christmas and waited for my air assist and G8 Lens. after everything came i put everything together and did small test burn. seemed to work fine. once I designed some things i go to burn them and low and behold they would start and after 5-8-10 minutes they stop. the console said lost connected then OK. read the forum and tried ferrite pieces on cable… tried shorter cable with ferrite… updated firmware (which was the same)… I finally saw an article about grounding problem with the ortur. so I read the article Ortur – Ortur Laser Master Grounding – Ortur and made my own cable. once installed i was able to burn a whole design without any issues.
Word to wise for anyone else with similar issue, defiantly follow the grounding instructions.
On another note, I added camera to my system and it is 100 times better.

Does your computer stay on, or does it go into sleep mode? I had to change settings to leave computer on continuously

Maybe I was not clear. My machine would not work but when I properly grounded it it is functioning properly now.

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