Ortur 7watt burning issue

I just got a ortur 7watt laser. Finally was able to get it put together earlier today. I tried doing a square but all I’m getting is the horizontal lines of it. I’ve tried different we tings and speeds but same result. I tried putting in text. When I click line it faintly does the lines. If I try fill. On the g it is burning the whole board. Again I have tried different settings but same results.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m sure it’s just a setting I’m missing or could be the laser. I’ve ordered a 15watt that should be here in a week or so.

Could you tell me what machine you have?
Also a screenshot of your console window when it connects to Lightburn?

If you are trying to do a full square filled is normal that it does full thick lines as it starts to fill the box

On text, not all text is easy to fill, seems to me is more of a understanding of how the program works than a fault on the laser.
If you make a Square in Line mode, it will burn the outline
If you make a square in Fill mode, it will make many horizontal lines (or vertical depending on the orientation you set) untill it completes the whole square
If you make a square in fill/Line mode, it will do the filling and THEN do a square arround it

Text is the same thing, except of a box it is a complex shape


Here pictures I took of the console. I have the ortur laser master 2 7watt.

Notice that on Fill/line there are two settings
You are using 600 mm/min + 85% power (which is slowww for wood)
To do the fill
But at the bottom theres also line. On those you running at 6000mm/min and 20% power
So not only 6000 mm/min exceeds the max speed of the machine but also you running at 20% of the power of the fill operation (85% vs 20%)
I recomend you use the drop down and do fill only or line only, and then combine both

I will try that. When I try to fire the laser to set focus it starts burning the wood. I have it set to 0.5% power. Will having a 15watt be better once I learn more about the program and laser?

I’m going to watch some you tube videos to try and learn some more about LightBurn. Thank you for your help.

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