Ortur and Lightburn setting up firts time

Ok new here, new to Laser cutting…

Been playing around for days, trying to get my Ortur to talk with my computer… ??

Or, I have a Ortur laser master 3… I’m running Lightburn with windows 8.1 (64) And not getting anywhere…

I spent a little time in lightburn why waiting for the lasier to arrive So know a LITTLE in light burn

Ortur is getting power, lighs are flashing, and at times It seams to be doing the home, move …
Using USB cable… I have tryed everyway you could think of to get things talking … power on, power off, reset, ortur on the loaf lightburn, load lightburn then ortur on… and any mix of that you can think off…

If you go up to toolbar and click safe remove USB/Disks It show the Ortur there, but try find my laser in lightburn, and it comes up with nothinhg…
I have tryed all the USB plugs… swaped around

I have a $1000 paperweight… and no clue as to what to do next…
and please any help :slight_smile: keep it simple… I’m new to this world…

thanks all

Check Windows Device Manager. Do you see a port created for the laser?

Windows 7 and likely 8 will not have the driver for the laser built-in.

If you do not see the port created for the laser then very carefully follow the instructions here to configure the driver:
Aufero Laser 1 - DRIVER windows 7-8.pdf (ortur.tech)

The PDF mentions Aufero Laser 1 but the process is the same for the LM3.

Thanks For that… Should have added that to start… zadig and I are old friends :slight_smile: have downloaded a few times and re-installing was part of my playing around
I have been over the manual a few time, taking care to read all… thanks

What was the outcome?

Does a port get created for the laser in Device Manager? If you don’t get a USB Serial port there is no chance LightBurn will ever work. So first order of business is to ensure that a port is created.

the ortur comes up on the com3 port…


If Find My Laser doesn’t detect the laser try setting it up manually.

  1. GRBL (not any other variant)
  2. Serial/USB
  3. 400x400
  4. front-left (bottom-left) origin
  5. Enable Auto-home on startup

After the device is created, make sure that COM3 is selected in the Port selection field in Laser window. If the laser doesn’t connect immediately then right-click Devices button to force reconnect.

Assuming all goes well after that I suggest you enable “G-code clustering” in Edit->Device Settings. Also make sure that S Value Max is set to 1000 there.

Please report back how this works.

thank for that… I’m working on it… but give me a day or to…

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