ORTUR and using a USB video camera with LIGHTBURN

I’m very new to everything Laser Engraving. But I have a question. I have been using my ORTUR Laser with Lightburn and have an issue getting the text I’m engraving on items like a wooden keyring printed straight (Parallel to the edges) on the keyring. I see there is a feature to use a realtime video image in Lightburn. I’ve watched a video and wanted to ask the community could I install a USB camera and superimpose the text on the keyring to get it aligned perfectly every time? Is it an issue my maximum work area is only 150x160 mm? I presume I would need to screw down the laser unit and make sure the camera was mounted so it could not move once calibration was complete? Or is it the case this would not work and I need to invest in a cabinet CO2 Laser?

As long as the laser in question has homing switches, and you can mount the camera in a way that is completely fixed relative to the work area of the laser, it would be ok. With such a small work area, you could get away with pretty much any web camera for this.

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Thank you for the super quick response. Yes, I have the 15 watt model with physical switches. I’ve seen a 4K camera on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08319438D hope would do the job as the stand looks like it would be steady. In the environment I’m using it there is only me so won’t move.

What do I do regards calibration as I printed out the spots and they filled an A4 sheet and this is bigger than my entire work area? I can’t do the 9 screens if that makes sense?

The dots are for the camera view, not the workspace. You don’t have to have the camera mounted to the laser at all to do the lens calibration, only the alignment.

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