Ortur Controller

I need an off line controller for my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro
Due to an influx of orders I need my lap top to run my CNC router but also need to engrave
Ortur still dont list the mythical off line controller as being available.
Has anyone found a plug in one that will work

Here’s hoping

Seems to me like Ortur have silently discontinued the offline controller. Not sure what their plans are for a replacement.

One question and a suggestion…
Is there a reason why you can’t run both the router and the laser from the same laptop?

If you can’t find an offline controller, perhaps you could get a dedicated laptop for the laser. You could approximate an offline controller by running LightBurn on a tablet style PC.

The router is in the workshop the laser is in the office in the house

Its frustrating that the newer Orturs have wifi the older dont

How about putting the offline controller on the CNC?


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