Ortur disconnected and not lined up correctly

Just setup my Ortur LM2 20w and went to burn my grid and it disconnected. I have it hooked up to my surface pro 7 and using the USB cable it came with.

I went into preview mode and tried starting the job around where it stopped and it started back up fine, until it disconnected again. I started it back up and it resumed the job, however it resumed a couple millimeters off, see pictures. Why would it do this? The machine is screwed down onto my plywood so it didn’t move. Also, it looks like the diagonal lines are off center as well, which were in the beginning of the job before it disconnected the first time. Why? Also looks like it missed a spot. Not happy, I made a really nice plywood table and now I gotta try to sand it all out a redo.

Additionally, my mouse cursor dissappear during the job as well

@OrturTech any ideas? Belts are tight

The quality issues have been resolved, the
X axis was out of alignment.

I’m still having disconnection issues though.

I updated to latest firmware. The ortur just turns off randomly during a job. I dont think its a usb issue because the ortir completely turns off. Usb disconnecting wouldn’t turn the machine off, right?

Running laser at 100% and 1200 speed. Is it being overloaded and shutting off?

Not sure I can help with it shutting off, but running at 100% power will shorten the diodes life and cause it to die prematurely. I rarely run over 90%. Lower power and slow down. Hope this helps.