ORTUR Laser has lost its mind

I’m running a ORTUR LU1-4 with Lightburn. I’ve had this for about a year, and had a ton of success with it. However, moments ago it stopped cutting/burning. It also kicks on the beam enroute to the actual image, and then when it returns home and will not shut off. Obviously this is not supposed to happen. I recently updated my lightburn sw to 1.3.00

Plug power → and usb
DO NOT power it up
Look at the pinboard over the Y stepper motor
Again do NOT power it up
Do you see a Amber colour LED on?

Thank you for the quick response. Yes, there is an amber light lit.

Board needs replacement
Can you take a picture of that amber light and add to ticket will be much faster

granted but has to be through ticketing system

a ticket has been opened. Just wanted verification that it was the correct amber light.

yes for sure, also replied with form

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