Ortur Laser Master 2 20W - brandnew - Circles are not round, ends dont meet

Hey guys,

@OrturTech: Maybe you guys can help me.
Got my LM2 20W today, assembly was easy and setup in LB was fine as well.
Now I got these results:

  • Circles are not round
  • Focus point is always a line, not a dot. Focus from 35mm or 55mm.
  • Lineends dont meet, there is a cutoff between them.

Here is what I did:

  • Check if the belts are tight, but not too tight. The Y-Bar glides from an angle at around 45 degree from front to back. From left to right at maybe 60 degrees.
  • Check different focus points
  • Check if the frame is rectangular
  • Checked if the X and Y are calibrated, they are. burnt a rectangle with 300x300, all sides fit.

What else can I do ?

The sides of the circle are flat, but top and bottom are fine, so it’s the X axis that isn’t moving correctly. It’s either slack in the X axis belt, OR it could be too tight, or possibly that the X axis wheels are too tight on the rail, binding it in place until the belt is pulled hard enough. Either of these could cause what you’re seeing there.

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Great, that was it !
Loosen the screws in the back of the laser just a hair, and now it’s fine.
Thank you, I was hanging in there for hours…

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