Ortur Laser Master 2 20w weak laser

I did a test cut of this file for my Ortur Laser Master 2 20watt laser on cheap 35 cent poster board


The result is way under whelming. I tried to focus the laser. It is a small rectangle but doesn’t seem as focused as it could be. See below. Is it me or my laser?

Can you tell me please what is the distance you are using rom the bottom of the heatsink to the material?
Also what speed and power on the test?

IT measures approximately 60mm.

The speeds are included in the Lightburn file above but here is a screenshot.
Cutting Speed Test

Your focal distance is a bit too far
From the bottom of the heatsink - not the knob - to the material it should be 35mm
Also i would recomend changing your lightburn settings from mm/sec to mm/min in Edit -> settings -> “Units” Better for diode section

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Are you sure it’s 35mm from the bottom of the heatsink? Most are posting that it should be 55mm.

Quite sure
The 55mm is for the 15w focal rage
20w head requires 35mm

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I don’t doubt your information but I checked my documentation and it said 55mm. Is there any official documentation on that and how to focus best?

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it should be in a notepad document titled FAQ in the FAQ folder nested in the LaserMaster2 folder the third set of “answers” has the focal distance for the three different power diodes Ortur sells

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