Ortur laser master 2 firmware issue

Hello Everyone, so i am trying to update the firmware and i tried like 10x ,followed every step and every time when i open the light burn or grbl it keep showing the old version.
Any ideas what can be?

Download the correct firmware for your machine.
Make sure you ‘unzip’ it or ‘extract’ it properly.(don’t assume it’s done because the ‘zip’ has disappeared)
Turn off your ‘windows security’.
Then follow the instructions for the ‘drag & drop’ to drive.
I had same problem and these are the things I didn’t do but should have.
Was a little while back so i don’t remember the ‘drag and drop’ part.
If all else fails got to the ‘Ortur support site’ they’ll help you through it.
P.s when this is done go to the ‘laser’ open ‘devices’ and ‘find my laser’.
that should do it…
good luck.
p.p.s when all is well, don’t forget to turn your ‘windows security’ back on. :+1:

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