Ortur Laser Master 2 Model Variation

I recently received my Ortur Laser Master 2. All seems to be working as expected. The order shows this as model OTM2-15W, which seems the standard model number for the 15W version.

However, my unit has a third port on the main panel, and the buttons work differently than documented.

The third port looks somewhat like the one used for telephone wires. Moving from left to right, there is the power connection, the USB connection, and the unknown port. I posted a photo of the panel at the bottom of this message.

The two buttons are one above the other. to the right of the unknown connection. The bottom button turns the unit on. The upper button turns the unit off. It does not do a reset.

Anyone know what I have? What is the third port for?

Thanks in advance!

looks to be a cat-5 cable, not sure though.

I have the Ortur LM2 and it doesn’t have that port. I don’t think you’ll need it anyway. Once you’re powered up and connected by USB cable you are good to go. It’s possibly a comms port for firmware upgrades

Mick - the issue I have is that the extra port does not appear on any of the engravers I can find, and does not appear in any documentation that I can find.

Did I get a newer model? Or an older, left-over stock model? Or what?

Additional information - the unknown port is too narrow to accept a network cable.

I tried.

Just found a telephone cable, and compared it to the unknown port on my Ortur.

Not even close to fitting! The port is too narrow for the plug, and the connections are on the wrong side.

We have eliminated network and telephone connections. What else is there?

Anyone know how to contact Ortur for information like this?

I received my Ortur LM2 last month and it too has the RJ port, so I think (hope) it’s because it’s an update.

I believe the port is RJ10 - basically if you have an old, corded handset phone, it’s the same size as the connectors on the coiled handset cord.

I did a quick google search, and found one reddit post which said it may be for a future display unit.
Google for “ortur phone port” and it should be the first hit.

Hope this helps!

Hello all… I just received my LM2 with the “phone port” and can’t get the laser to fire and after doing some research I have come to the conclusion I may need to update my firmware. I was directed to a site, downloaded files and in the instructions it mentions pressing the the power and reset button in a specific sequence, but I have no idea which button is which… frustrating. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

MIne came with the same port which I do not use. I have found that the printer usb port cable that came with it was not the best and had to replace it. it would sometimes work and sometimes not.

try to make sure the computer is registering the port i had issues with the cord sent with mine and had to wiggle it. also i had the wires come out of the top of the laser as well.

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