Ortur laser master 2 pro s2 issue Help!

Hello everyone! I am having issues with my burns. I am trying to etch a picture in acrylic
. It starts off right and somewhere along the way it jogs off the original path by half. I’ve done everything I know to do to no avail. Any suggestions on what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance



[ORIGIN: China]



[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2]

[OLF: 187]


[SN: 255F7B961F8DB643ACFB3E873458234C]


[DATE:17:26:04 - Dec 15 2021]



Target buffer size found






































































































Hi Scott,

This sounds like a mechanical issue. Check to make sure your belts are tight, the wheels are not snagging anywhere, the laser head is mounted firmly and not wobbling, all your stepper pinions are snug, none of the set screws are loose, and that there is no dirt or debris on the rails. With your machine off, you should be able to roll the laser head smoothly across the rails.


Here’s what it’s doing. The long line is what I was burning and then…

I tightened everything yesterday.

Sorry- hard to tell exactly what I’m looking at here. Is the larger rectangle a previous test? Is the entire long thin rectangle skewing in one direction, or is bleeding out in both directions? It looks like it may be burning darker toward the end. If your laser’s power management is failing, you could be getting increased power output, and the burn area blooming out in both directions. If it’s skewing just one way I’d give the mechanical setup another once over.

They’re both the same. The thin line is where the burn started and the thick line is where the image shifted to the right . It’s running left to right. I turned it right side up and I’m attaching the image so you can see the shift

In that case it looks like your laser is losing position badly. If you’re certain you’ve tightened things up to the best of your ability, try slowing down the speed you’re running your job at. If that doesn’t work, you can also try reducing your X axis acceleration in your firmware.

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