Ortur laser master 2 pro won't turn on

When hitting power button for five seconds ortur laser master 2 pro won’t turn on. Blue and red light flash back and forth.

Wait for @OrturTech

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The flashing red → blue → red → blue
Indicates your emergency switch is engaged

Could you please hold the red button, rotate it clock wise so it pops up
Then tap reset and power agian please

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Thanks for the heads up :wink:


I have done that. Prior to this issue I did turn the emergency stop and the knob came off in my hand. It seemed to go back together, but obviously it didn’t go back together right. Is there a break down on how it goes back together ? Or how to by pass.

There are ways to bypass the switch, with a little jumper if you have it or simply by joining the wire points
I am wondering though as you have to inspect if it could be a plug that came loose in transit too

a) make sure highlighted connector is fully pressed, retest again. you can power up motherboard withotu reconncting, the LEDs will flash still
b) to jumper - you would need to bridge the two connectors.

as a temporary fix you could join the wires and tape while waiting for replacement switch

If you open ticket at Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System i can issue new switch and also send instructions on how to assemble it correctly

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