Ortur Laser Master 2 S2

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Hello Amit Singh:

We are confirming that we received a new ticket from you with the topic: Problem with Laser Master 2 S2 engraving. Your new ticket number is: #184819. Here is what you told us:

We had bought a Laser engraving machine (Model: Laser Master 2 S2) which was working fine until a few days back. Recently, it has developed a snag where one of it’s Axis is not moving. When I am giving a command from Laser GBRL software to move sideways (through jog) there a buzzing sound in the machine however the laser head is not moving. The software i.e. laser GBRL is indicating that there is movement but the machine axis is not moving. Similarly, when I am clicking on home, there is only horizontal movement and no sideways movement. When I am giving engrave command also, it is not engraving accurately as there is only one axis movement.
I have updated firmware and reset the machine but with no success. Could you please check and let me know a possible solution to this problem.

Thank you.

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