Ortur Laser Master 2 settings HELP!

For whatever reason when I’m trying to jog or laser anything, I try and set my speed up and it never increases. It’s as if it is set to one speed. It stinks because something that should take me 4 mins is taking me 40. Can someone help me with the settings? I might have gotten something wrong during the set up. Thank you!!

In console, type $RST=*
Press enter
(This sets all settings to default)

rehome machine and try again

When you say, “whenever I jog” - the speeds for jogging moves are set in the ‘Move’ window, here: Move Window - LightBurn Software Documentation

That’s independent of the speeds set for cutting / engraving, which are set per layer in the Cuts/Layers window: Cuts / Layers - LightBurn Software Documentation

So if Gil’s suggestion doesn’t change anything, check those things, and if you’re still having issues, reply here.

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That fixed my speed problem now when I run my laser it starts acting crazy and sounds like it’s catching on something but it’s not.
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