Ortur Laser Master 2 X axis burns wavy line

Have just set up new laser master 2 (updated to new firmware), when i try engraving a straight line along the x axis it produces a wavy line, it deviates from straight by at least 1 mm over 60 mm of travel. Any ideas anyone.

Make sure the wheels don’t have any play and that the carriages are not wobbling, and check the laser is securely mounted as well.

The laser is fitted firmly, wheels and carriage fit on tightly, possibly very tightly. the bar is nice and straight, but when the carriage is moved by hand it doesn’t appear to run smoothly, over the length of the track it appears to stiffen then loosen three or four times over the length.
The wave in the cut is repeatable, if i send the same cut it overlays exactly.
Thanks for the reply.

After back and forth with Gearbest, I have fitted four new POV wheels to the X axis, now works fine.

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