Ortur Laser Master 20W Desk Top Set Up Help

Hi All

I have just purchased the Ortur Laser Master 20W Desk top machine. The first thing i noticed from the instructions are that all of the downloads are for a windows computer. I only run Mac.

Looking at other comments i have downloaded light burn as i believe this has all of the drivers i need to run the device? am i correct?

Problem i have is that i have followed every video i can find but cannot get the machine to work. The power light comes on but no laser light and no movement of the machine.

I feel there is something simple i am missing but there seems to be limited instructions. When trying to start a program on Lightburn i get alot of error messages such as:

Homing fail. Could not find limit switch within search distance.
Defined as 1.5 * max_travel on search and 5 * pulloff on locate phase

Obsolutly no idea of what any of this means to be able to fix the issue. I.E. what is a limit switch and where is it?

Any help to set the devise up on Light burn would be much appreciated. I new to laser machines.


Greeetings Adrain

Question if i may, Pre software itself, as it seems to be communicating correctly

Unplug usb, allow machine to be connected with Power only
Press power button for a few seconds
a) does steppers move the machine LEFT/FRont?
b) LEDs show up in the motherboard?

if not your power supply might not be propperlly seated or not getting power from mains.

remember the motherboard will get power via USB itself, so it can power up without 12v being present.

Hi Gil

Your a gem. It was my main power supply not working. All working now many thanks


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