ORTUR Laser Master 3

I’m using an Ortur Laser Master 3 with an Ortur roller rotary. I watched several videos to set it up, and got it working with Absolute Coordinates chosen. This causes huge issues with placement. Even once I’ve followed all setup steps, the laser will jog and start in a random location, making it virtually impossible to center a design around an existing logo on my bottles. I watched a new video on setup today that suggested I start my file with a left center job origin and change Start From to Current Position. Voila, placement issue solved. However, now I can’t run the file without an error that says that I am overrunning the space and notes that I am not using Absolute Coordinates. Am I not able to used a different starting position/Job Origin?

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

I’m guessing that you’re moving the laser head by hand. If so, that’s causing your laser to not have any awareness of it’s current position.

To remedy this, after homing, only ever move the laser by using jogging controls in Move window.

If you follow that process you should be able to effectively use any of the “Start from” modes.

I haven’t had motivation/time to explore the various origin setting options in LB with my Ortur LM3 but what I have been doing has worked fine.

I etched a layout grid on my backer board and added a center crosshair at X/Y 200mm (workspace center)
When I power up my machine, it homes but the origin it defines always varies by up to a cm on X and a few mm in Y.

I have a set location in the LB Move panel of 200mm/200mm which I then command the laser to move to. This is usually close to my center crosshair. I’ll fire the laser at 2% and move the laser to correspond with the crosshair by hand gently (computer is in a different room so can’t use jog controls). The laser has no way to notice my hand adjustments so as far as it is concerned, the laser is still at 200mm/200mm. Now the lasers and my workspace coordinate system are in alignment. Everything is perfect after that but the process has to be repeated if I ever re-home or power cycle.

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