ORTUR Laser Master 7W Upgrade

Hii Guys
Today I would like to introduce you to my ORTUR Lasermaster 1 conversion.
I bought an ORTUR Lasermaster 7W on eBay. Now I have exchanged the aluminum profile of the Y-axis for one that is 100mm longer. The drive belt also had to be exchanged for a longer one. Now I just had to set the entry: Y Max travel (mm) ($ 131) to 250 in the machine settings / Outputs setup and now have a work surface of 160 x 250 mm.
Next, I swapped the 7W Ortur laser head for a NEJE with 20W. You need a suitable connector for this, as the wiring of the NEJE is slightly different.
Finally, the NEJE laser received an Air-Assist in the form of a 3mm plastic tube. The air pressure is generated with an AirBrush compressor.
Everything works great and I’m really excited about the performance.
I still plan to set the laser higher and equip the work surface with two lifting tables so that I can also laser higher objects. I will report on it as soon as the conversion is finished.