Ortur Laser Master and GreyScale

Just starting out with an Ortur Laser Master 15w and LightBurn.

Should I be able to do greyscale (not dithered) on the Ortur Laser Master (newest firmware)? For instance when I have greyscale selected and I attempt to engrave a gradient square (0%==>100% Black) I get 50% of the square burned/black/100% and the other 50% white/unburned/0%.

Have I got something setup wrong? I have it selected as straight GRBL (not GRBL-LPC or GRBL-M3). Is this correct?

Thanks in advance.

What is the firmware setting for $30? (Type $$ in the console and hit enter)

Yes, grayscale should work with that controller.

The value for $30 is 1000. Screenshot from LaserGRBL…

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