Ortur Laser Master2 Motor type

Bit confused on what type of Y axis Motor I need. Any help would be great…

I think @OrturTech should be able to point you in the right direction.

I see Gearbest sells ones they list for the x axis ORTUR X Axis Motor Multi-A Laser Engraving Machine Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest , but my quick search did not find anything that specifically listed the Y axis. I was under the assumption that they are the same, but perhaps not.

Yeah that’s where I’m lost at. I’ll try the tech and see what I get. Thanks

Its a standard motor, If i remember a 27 oz but you can buy anywhere. amazon etc.

You will need a Nema 17

correction 17 oz

Order the part and got it in… 17HS244008/17HS4401S isn’t the same size as original… Concerned if it will work. Shaft is shorter. And box is twice as big…

The body be thicker , more deepth is not a concern
Within the range theres 38 to 45mm depth
All other measurememtns should be like this
The shaft too should be
18 to 20mm long and 4.5mm in diameter
Can you review?

Yes everything lines up, only big concern is the shaft. It barely has any room to connect the connecter. The belt pulley and connecter is all smashed together with the side of the frame. It seems to be able to work. Just no room for play and takes a while to get it perfectly set so it would run…

Can you take a picture so i can take a look? Curious now

Correction: 5mm diameter with a 4.5mm flat.