Ortur laser stops engraving, software issue?

I posted a topic in the hardware category a while back because i had issues with my Ortur laser master 2 all of a sudden stops engraving.

I was told it was a usb or power issue. I fixed The USB and bought a voltage protection unit running of battery which cost more than the laser.

It fixed the issues with the laser giving of alarms and not homing.

I have done long (hours) engravings and cuttings and it have worked out, but it has been less complex SVGs.

But when i am trying to laser images it always stops, always. And its only with more complex engravings.

What causes this? Im out of ideas.

This one was about 1200 mm/m and 30% on the diode. I was first thinking about that safetyfeature, but i can wack and knock The laser all day without it stoping.

I saw the thread “Laser finishes and homes shortly after starting engraving” after i posted this thread. Its the exact same problem and only with image files.

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