Ortur LM rotary setup

I need help setting up my Ortur LM2 rotary. I have scoured the forums and havent found anyone having the same problem and im about to wad this thing up and put it in the dumpster. Im pretty sure my lightburn settings in the rotary setup are correct but im not even sure that the incorrect settings will produce my problem. When I burn my design, it does not line up with itself as it skips around and burns different areas. I hope that makes sense. The design comes out all misaligned. I have tried everything i can think of to change. Can someon help me figure out what is causing this please

“It skips around and burns different areas” - that sounds like you have enabled Flood Fill.

No. Just doing the outline. It is outlining the different shapes in the design. That part seems normal. But as it skips around doing the different shapes in the design, it isnt putting those shapes in the exact position they should be in.

Very few people use ‘Line’ mode on a rotary for this exact reason - things tend to slide on the rollers unless you’ve added something to them, or the item, to prevent it. Rubber O-rings are popular, as are weights to put inside the item on the rollers.

It does the same whether in line or fill. Line mode is more convenient for testing because it doesnt take as long. Im working with a vector designed in ai if that makes any difference although I have tried several other filetypes. I have tried every means of mechanically securing it from moving. Weight inside, O-rings, and even physically applying down pressure as it rolls to make sure it doesnt move. The misalignment looks to be on the Y axis which is the rotary axis. Is it possible that the settings would effect this or would the settings only effect aspect ratio?

after a closer look, it seems like its losing its alignment on the Y axis when it moves from one shape to the next. The rotary moves very fast at those times. Im wondering if it is moving so fast that its missing steps. Is there a way to adjust that speed? I believe its referred to as “idle speed”?

I figured that bit out. Found max and acceleration speed settings and slowed them both way down. Its moving at the speed of smell and still the problem persists so i dont think the material is slipping in the rotary. I took the wiring extension that came with the rotary out of the loop thinking maybe it was bad. That had no effect, so I took my Y axis stepper motor off the machine and swapped it out with the rotary motor. no luck. I have no idea whether this problem is hardware, software, firmware, settings, bad luck, etc.

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