Ortur LM2 20W Lost Connection and Laser Output Problems

I have had the Ortur Laser Master 2 20W for almost a year and engraved about 30 projects < 1 hour. My last project, the engraver started losing connection, so I attempted to troubleshoot based on all the other threads I’ve seen. (Stabilized usb connection, platform, reset grbl…) Then after I restored connection, the laser stayed on 100% power all the time no matter how I toggled the power settings or program. Lastly the red light stayed on but the machine no longer homed. So yea there is that.

Ordered a new main board (3 actually) installed new one today. Ran a test on a previous 1 hour long job seemed to be working fine but it lost connection again about 10 minutes in. Based on what I have read I grounded the frame to my workbench. Connection issue seems to be fine but now the power issue came back and it is constantly firing at what seems to be 100% no matter what I do.

Do I have to replace the laser head now? I’m having serious buyers remorse here. With all the spare parts I could probably build a second machine if I get it to work. Any direction where to start would be appreciated.

Why not contact support for warranty?
this said something weird going on if your 2nd new board became faulty within mins
Would be easier to diagnose via ticket because i dont come here often enough to track correctly please.

Done thanks

How was this resolved? It seems like I am having a similar problem with a different machine.