Ortur LM2 Mac Book

Ortur LM2 is not getting the signal for the laser beam to activate!

But the motor is working fine just no signal for the laser’s to activate!

If the motors that move the laser are working, and if the laser does not fire this eliminates many possibilities.

It is also good to know what words appear in the Console window in LightBurn.

I look forward to more information. :slight_smile:

I believe it’s just say ok

At the top of the laser head, are you getting two sets of LEDS?
Red = 24v
Blue = PWM?

Is not uncommon on OLM2s to lose the PWM signal
I am assuming however is a OLM2S2?

The power LED lights on the main control panel are on but the power LED on the laser unit is not even on or the fan is not on either

I would carefully check your wiring downstram to the motherboard

Specially that connector over the Y axis motor. is notorious for failing

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How do I go about checking if it’s the problem or not?

If you have access to a multimeter it would be ideal

However on the small PCB above the Y motor there are a few little LEDS

Do you get a Amber LED? thats PWM signal
if you get it there and not the blue on Laser head, then theres a issue with the wiring

If you dont get it there at all, check the motherboard under the cover, there is TOO a amber LED there for PWM signal

I am getting error 20 on the console

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