Ortur LM2 no $141 to set for Chuck Rotary

I haven’t found the answer after searching, but part of the set up for the chuck rotary for the ORTUR is to set $22=0 and $141=600. But when I type that into the console I get error 3. I suspect that not being able to set that is what is causing some alignment problems that I’m experiencing. Even Ortur support keeps sending me to the setup video, but that’s the only part of the setup that I cant complete. Any thoughts?

LM2 won’t have $141 available as a configurable option. It’s available on the latest models and controls the current value for the Y-axis/rotary.

The LM2 doesn’t allow for software configurable current settings nor does it allow for any user configurable hardware switches for this that I’m aware of.

Having said that, this shouldn’t cause alignment issues unless the current differences are somehow causing an issue. It’s likely the rotary is intended for 24V systems whereas the LM2 is a 12V system.

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